Who We Are


Abby Yetter (she/her), the Founder and CEO of White Lotus Wellness, is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-500), and Pause Breathwork™ Facilitator. She is also a Yoga for All™, Accessible Yoga, and Honor Yoga's Roots Certified Instructor.

Abby's wellness journey began when she was being treated for anxiety and her fourth bout of clinical depression, plus healing from 15 years of disordered eating. She was feeling lost, alone, and untethered.

After getting coaching and finding her way to transformational breathwork, she also found her way back to yoga, which she practiced sporadically from the age of 12. Although this time, instead of being a thin, able-bodied, multi-sport athlete, Abby was in a larger, more mature body ravaged by injuries and a chronic rheumatic disease that challenges her physical and mental abilities on the best of days. She wasn’t sure how she would even do yoga with these changes, but it called her to show up anyway.

Abby spent over a year trying to find the right class, but everywhere she went, they were all the same: asana-only taught by a thin, young, white, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman with a class full of her doppelgängers. She felt so alone in crowded rooms.

As she got more comfortable with her new size in her recovery (14/16 - the U.S. average), Abby was less conscious of it but increasingly aware that no one really knew how to instruct for a body like hers. She constantly had to alter even basic poses to suit her body’s needs - which led her to find revolutionary instructors like Dianne Bondy, Amber Karnes, Jivana Heyman, Jessamyn Stanley, Jesal Parikh, and her YTT-200 teacher, Jamie Shane, who opened up a whole new world of yoga to her.


Not only was yoga so much more than just physical, but it was also an instrument for self-study, a tool to help treat her anxiety and depression, a community, and an agent for social justice. Most importantly, Abby now knows that no matter your size, shape, color, orientation, experience, or ability, yoga is for EVERY. BODY. And every body is perfect just the way it is!


In December of 2020, Abby completed her YTT-300 with the legendary Susanna Barkataki at Ignite Yoga & Wellness Institute, learning how to appropriately bring ALL aspects of yoga to her students with love, respect, and honor for a practice that is not from her culture, and to continue to fight for the rights of the marginalized. 


Through White Lotus Wellness, Abby is able to offer diverse opportunities for people to learn how to stop hustling, let go of what is holding them back, heal the emotional trauma held in their bodies, and build their best life through yoga, breathwork, mediation, energy work, and life coaching!