Who We Are

Abby Yetter, the Founder and CEO of White Lotus Wellness, is a Certified Life Coach, yoga instructor (CYT-200), and Pause Breathwork™ Facilitator.


Abby had spent her life constantly hustling to be the best: the best actor and vocalist, the best student, the best employee, the best manager, the best CEO. Eventually, that feeling of never having achieved enough (despite a long list of awards and jobs to prove her success) caused a hole to grow in her soul. She felt lost, alone, and unfulfilled. Deep down, she knew she needed to do something to heal it- the clock had struck midnight and she was done feeling this way.

After getting some private coaching, getting back in touch with her body, emotionality, and intuition and making progress on healing her own wounds, Abby realized the deep need her community and the world had for compassionate, inclusive, spaces for healing and transformation.

Through White Lotus Wellness, Abby is able to offer diverse opportunities for people to learn how to stop hustling, let go of what is holding them back, heal the emotional trauma held in their bodies, and build their best life.

White Lotus Wellness is a company founded on the healing arts of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and energy work to raise human consciousness and improve our vitality.


Naples, FL

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