Reiki Lotus Facial-
This is truly a one of a kind treatment. A gentle customized facial, with Reiki infused into all skin care products. A head, neck and shoulder massage, along with Reiki and hot towel experience included. There is nothing out there like this treatment.
You will surly leave, floating and blissful.

Purifying Lotus Facial
Treat congested skin with this detoxifying facial. Lemon and tomato help to treat the skin from within. Kojic and arbutin help with lightening acne,scarring on the skin. Strawberry and spearmint are anti-fungal and antibacterial and will draw out impurities and toxins. Great for teens!
 Hand and lip treatment included. 

Lotus Signature Facial
Customized specifically, to tailor your skins needs. Once a skin analysis is performed, your professional, will choose the best products and treatment just for your skin type. Includes lip  treatment, and your choice of a hand massage or Reiki treatment.This is a great facial for first time facial clients or those with specific skincare needs. 

Infinity Lotus
Give your skin its youth back! 
Designed to help fight the signs of aging, using all organic enzymes. A customized mini rejuvenating peel is included to revive the skin and boost cellular walls. Followed with a calming mask and ice globe massage. 
This treatment is best done in a series over a 6 week period. 
This is also a great treatment to be done before a special event or wedding.

Mommy To-Be Lotus
A calming facial designed, just for that mommy-to-be in your life. Finishing with a refreshing mask to balance hormonal changes, happening in the skin. Hot towel experience included and choice of hand massage or Reiki, to aide with relaxation. 

Lunch Break Lotus
This customized mini treatment is great for those in a hurry, needing a quick break. Includes a cleanse, enzyme, mask along with a hand and lip treatment.


Lotus Men's Facial
Guys need relaxation and skin care too!
This treatment is customized just for a mans skin. Natural enzymes help to prevent ingrown hairs and balance oil control. Hot towel experience and hand massage are included.


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