Energy Balancing w/ Guided Meditation Session
Enjoy an hour Reiki session to relax and ground the mind and body.
Followed with a guided one, on one meditation session. This treatment is designed to help with stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. Customized to your needs, learn meditation and at home techniques to help you through your daily life stresses. 
(90 minutes)
Series of 3 sessions $350
Detox Herbal Body Wrap
Relax while detoxing at the same time. The natural herbs and aloe used in the wrap, flush out toxins that cling themselves, to the body's fat cells.The toxins are then removed through the body's lymphatic system.There is no sweating or water loss involved and it is not a compression wrap or mummy wrap, making it safe for everyone to receive. During the wrap you'll receive energy work aide in relaxation. After the treatment no shower or bath is needed. Your skin is left feeling soft and clean and you will continue to detox for 24-28 hours after your treatment.  
  $230 Series of 3 treatments

Energy Balancing:
Reiki is a technique that helps with stress reduction, relaxation and promotes healing. Reiki helps to maintain immune system and to increase energy levels.Most clients experience a deep state of relaxation or fall asleep during the treatment.
(1 hour)
         $195 Series of three Treatments
* We are willing to travel for extreme cases. Please call for more details about a Reiki session for post surgery, disabled or terminally ill.

Infrared Sauna
The infrared, is a type of sauna that cleanses the body without using steam. An average infrared sauna user can produce 500 grams of sweat and burn 350 calories during a therapeutic sauna session. This is the equivalent of running 2-3 miles. Most clients feel lighter after just one  session. 
 $35 Single Session
$80 for 3 Sessions
$200 Monthly Unlimited

Ionic Detox Foot Bath
 We are exposed to toxins every day in the air we breathe, food we eat and the water we drink. The Ionic Detox Foot Bath helps to rid the body of these toxins, helping to prevent toxic build-up. While you soak your feet in the Ionic Detox Foot Bath, it produces a frequency of positive and negative ions, that are gently circulating throughout the body. These toxins are then gently pulled from the body, through the pores in the bottom of the feet. After just one session you can have increased levels of energy, improved mental clarity, and a better quality of sleep.
Series of 3 treatments  $120
 * If you are pregnant, wear a pace maker, have had an organ transplant or
             suffer from epilepsy, you should not use the Detox Ionic Foot Bath

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